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Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Day

Today is Election Day---thank heavens (Am I allowed to say “heavens” in Canada today?). Since I started this blog I have pointed out where I felt things went wrong in the past and are going wrong today. In the next few weeks I will be talking more on a positive note as to where we need to go in Canada to provide a good basic health care plan for all Canadians and still provide options for people and care givers. I did not wish to bring out some of these more positive ideas pre-election since I had concerns that Paul Martin would jump on them in the midst of the debates and use them as part of his platform (only partly joking).
As you may have surmised by now I have grave concerns that the preventative medicine “fences instead of hospitals” mantra in the hands of government bent on cost control will eventually be a “corral” and personal freedoms will be jeopardized. Perhaps there can be middle ground that will satisfy most Canadians. Perhaps it is possible for socialistic programs and private enterprise to work side by side to serve the medical needs of Canadians. To start thinking “out of the box” we have to at least look at that possibility.


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