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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Curriculum Vitae

It occurred to me that some readers of my blog may have more than a cursory interest in where my ideas originated. Certainly my years of practice had a profound effect; however, I was also significantly influenced by my experiences while serving on medical committees, and the people and attitudes that I was exposed to on those committees. With this in mind, I thought it may be useful to present my curriculum vitae. For those not interested, “change channels”!
1) Born in Weyburn, Sask., 1938.
2) Grew up on a farm outside of Yellow Grass, Sask.
3) Graduated from Yellow Grass High School, 1956.
4) Graduated from University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1962.
5) Rotating internship at Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alta., 1962 to 1963.
6) Family Practice Medicine Hat, Alta. 1963 to 1967.
7) Family Practice Calgary, Alta., 1967 to Nov.1st, 2003.

Special Medical Committees and Positions

1). 1972 – 1974: Alberta Medical Association/Alberta Nursing Assn. /Alberta Hosp. Liaison Committee.

2). 1972 -1974: Chief of Family Medicine, Holy Cross Hosp., Calgary, Alta.

3). 1970 -1974: Holy Cross Hospital
a) Surgical Committee
b) Psychiatry Committee.
c) Medical Advisory Committee

4). 1974 -1975: Alberta Medical Association
a) Director –Medical Incomes
b) Member of fees Committee
c) Chairperson of Incomes Committee
d) A.M.A. Representative to Canadian Medical Association Incomes Com.

5). 1986 -1987: Rockyview General Hospital
a) Nursing Liaison Committee

6) 1987 -1989: Rockyview General Hospital
a) Chief of Family Medicine
b) Chairperson, Family Practice Committee
c) Medical Executive Committee
d) Quality Risk Management Committee.

7). 1993 -1994: Calgary District Hospital Group (Holy Cross, Rockyview, and C. Belcher Hospitals)
a) Ambulatory Care Committee
b) Head, Department of Family Medicine
c) Credentials Committee
d) Emergency Medicine Committee
e) Chair, Family Medicine Committee
f) Geriatrics Committee
g) Medical Advisory Board
h) Quality Assurance Committee
i) Utilization Management Committee.

8) 1994 – 1995: Calgary District Hospitals Group
a) Head, Department of Family Medicine
b) Deputy Director, Calgary Region, Dept. of Family Medicine
c) Ambulatory Care Committee
d) Credentials Committee
e) Chairperson, Family Medicine Committee
f) Geriatrics Committee
g) Member, Medical Advisory Board
h) Quality Assurance Committee
i) Utilization Management Committee

9). 1995 -1996: Calgary District Hospitals Group
a) Deputy Director, Calgary Region, Dept. of Family Medicine
b) Ambulatory Care Committee
c) Credentials Committee
d) Chairperson, Family Medicine Committee
e) Geriatrics Committee
f) Member Medical Advisory Board
g) Quality Assurance Committee
h) Utilization Committee
i) Founder and Chairperson, Substance abuse Committee
j) Chairperson, Emergency Quick Response Team
k) Chairperson, Community Ambulatory Care Service Committee

10) 1996 -1997: Calgary District Hospitals Group
a. Deputy Director, Calgary Region, Dept. of Family Medicine
b. Ambulatory Care Committee
c. Credentials Committee
d. Chairperson, Family Medicine
e. Geriatrics Committee
f. Member, Medical Advisory Board
g. Quality Assurance Committee
h. Substance Abuse Committee
i. Founder and President, Calgary Regional Family Physicians Association

11) 1997 -1998:
a) President, Calgary Regional Family Physicians Association
b) Deputy Director, Family Medicine, Calgary Region
c) Calgary Regional Bylaws Committee
d) Sub-committee of the Calgary Regional Medical Advisory Committee
1) Physician/Regional Responsibility Committee
2) Taskforce to define the Function and Responsibilities of the Regional Medical Advisory Committee
e) Member of Calgary Regional Medical Staff Association Executive
f) Rockyview Hospital Utilization Project – Physician Advisor
g) Calgary Prostate Cancer Institute – Family Physician Advisor

12) 1997 – 2004:
Consultant to the Law Firm Bennett Jones and Associates on “Community Standards of Care for Family Physicians”.

RESEARCH PAPER 1994: The Family Physician’s Role in Acute Care Treatment Hospitals in Canada

FAMILY PRACTICE MAGAZINE: Article Published Nov. 11, 1996 – Puzzling Over the Prostate

Medical Related Positions Held:

1) Five Years as President of Willow Park Management Co. This was a Management and Medical Real Estate Development Co.
2) Executive Member of Heritage Medical Associates, a Partnership of 15+ Family Physicians.
3) Served three years as Executive Officer of Med Account Associates--- a medical Service Co.

As one can see, I was quite involved during the years of innovation and changes in our health care system. My presence on many committees, I feel, was more for “window dressing” than it was for Family Medicine input. As a result I finally resigned from all committees. Directions often taken were rarely in the best interests of the family physicians or, I feel, the patients. As you can tell, if you have read any of my blogs, cost containment was the primary driver.
My next few blogs will pertain to areas that could be referred to as “Did You Know”


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