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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Ten Commandments.

What a beautiful morning! At last sunshine and the ability to get out into the yard and enjoy the wonders of nature; this in direct contrast to the last few rainy days when I had been house bound and had to resort to reading blogs to fill in the time. Not that it hasn’t been interesting and possibly even intellectually stimulating, but depressing.
In particular I found the discussions on SDA pertaining to a terrorist taking a small girl by the hand (so as to get closer to his target) and then blowing him, the small girl, and the target to pieces, distressing. As repulsive as this behavior was to me, some of the bloggers (steve d, George, and neutralsam) seemed to have no trouble at all justifying this action. In spite of ET and others patiently trying to explain why this is different than many other forms of violence, these bloggers held firmly to their beliefs, and in the discussions, although occasionally having a point, used it in such an obtuse and irrelevant manner, it reminded me of religious discussions back in my University days. People with a strong belief system can’t seem to concede the slightest point. It would seem that by conceding one thing, their entire belief system begins to unravel causing incredible angst.
Strangely (or perhaps not so strangely), my thoughts turned to Ann Coulters latest controversial book “Godless”, in which she describes “liberalism” as the religion of America’s political left. Then my mind moved on further and I thought “If this is true of the USA what does that say about Canada? Has Medicare become one of the Ten Commandments in this new religion; others being public education, universal day care, social safety net, military peacekeeping only, subsidizing and rewarding failure, etc (Ten Commandments= Canadian Values)? Or has Medicare become a god unto itself with physicians and hospitals being the priests, Provincial Health Ministers the Cardinals, the federal Health Minister the Pope, and the Canada Health Act the Bible?
Man, this stuff is too heavy! Like I said, I’m glad the sun is shining today and I can work outside with Mother Nature, but one does have to wonder!


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Some nice observations Doc.

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