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Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Obama They Are Not

Well, that was embarrassing! We in Alberta can only hope not many other Canadians (or people from other countries, for that mater) were watching Alberta’s great leadership/election debate. A Mr. Obama we don’t have, either from the perspective of an orator, or any kind of a message of hope----particularly in Healthcare. Mr. Mason basically is saying they could do better, and suggested salaried doctors, seemingly oblivious of the fact that a salaried family doctor typically sees fewer patients than a fee for service family doctor (how will that get more people a family doctor?), Mr. Stelmach says they have everything under control, and Mr. Taft simply whines that we are where we are because the conservative government got us here, conveniently forgetting that the other provinces in Canada face the same or worse scenarios. Mr. Hyndman raised the issue of “the money following the patient” which is a principle that has been bantered about for the past fifteen years and has never gained traction.
The entire program could have been a five minute program and could have been limited to their 45 second summaries. Mr. Mason will look after you from the sperm to the worm, Mr. Stelmach states that they are doing a great job; Mr. Taft whines that it isn’t fair that the Liberals haven’t had a chance to rule in Alberta, and Mr. Hyndman states that if we want change we should get back to a policy of “survival of the fittest”.
At the same time the Great Alberta Debate was on, I noticed the program “Lost” was on another channel. Dutifully, as a responsible citizen, I watched Alberta’s Great Debate. Unfortunately it turned out to be just another version, and I might add, an inferior version, of “Lost”.


Anonymous Lanny said...

LOL... good one. It appears that any good leaders must be working in the oil patch.

22/2/08 6:26 AM  
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